ICE’S Objectives

ICE’S Objectives

 ICE, though a drop in a bucket, helps to give a child a better foundation on which to base his/her future learning and destiny.  Through our core values, we hope to achieve the following objectives:


C         Character Building – To inculcate Christian values, virtues and good manners.

O         Originality – To develop in a child a sense of discovery, ingenuity, innovativeness, creativity and resourcefulness.

R         Responsibility – To cultivate in the child a sense of responsibility, diligence, and accountability.

E         Excellence – To set high standards in order to attain the highest potentials of persons, communities, and institutions.


V         Versatility – To nurture the capacity of a child for versatility, flexibility, adaptability and multi-faceted talents and skills.

A         Artistic – To develop a child’s innate artistic inclinations.

L         Love of God – To instill the fear of God and learn to obey His words.

U         Unity – To instill the spirit of solidarity through respect of the environment, active participation in socio-political activities, accept differences in faith, culture and traditions, and of oneness, teamwork and cooperation.

E         Empowerment – To equip the child to become future leader of the next generation.

S          Social Consciousness – To put him/her back to communal concern or sense of accountable “connectedness”.