ICE History

Putting up a school was a long held dream cherished in the hearts of a couple whose faith knows no bound with veritable courage that does not wince and withdraw from difficult situation or trying circumstances, with hard work and energy similar to an eagle. Only the prodding of God such visionaries could bow and submit! The Couple: Engr. Danilo Benitez Lim and Zaida lbay- Lim a nurse by profession. It was conceived out of an inner yearning for deeper expression of worship to God and responding to His call of Greatness and Relevance: these as a result of sixteen years of investment management vis-á-vis God’s sufficiency and faithfulness.

Mean while, Mrs. Zaida Ibay-Lim’s frequent coming to Urdaneta from 1997 – 2002 as an Inspirational Speaker to varied and various Youth Work spurred her creative and entrepreneur sensitivity to open a pre-school concurrent with the City’s flourishing fashion. The purchase of a lot was decided three years ago after a quiet and fervent prayer in the Refuge Home. The Land used to be a junkshop owned by Martina Bravo-Aviles, was offered for sale by Mr. & Mrs. Gloria and Narciso I. Hermenegildo, appeared to be, as in a vision, a “platter” being offered readily for the taking. The vision was an inner confirmation to acquire the property offhandedly. It was not easy though! The fitful haggling and skirmishes, the meeting of deadlines both papers and building construction were nerve-wracking, soul probing, and faith testing! After five months, the ground breaking on November 20, 2002 took place and the junkshop became a parking a lot and the idle piece of land at the back became a sprawling building called International School of Christian Excellence, Inc. (ISCE).

The couple Engr. Danilo B. Lim and Madam Zaida Ibay-Lim, together with some dedicated personnel was able to accomplish various paper works for submission and within the year, the application of pre-school to grade 3 was approved. In the year 2003, the mission started. ISCE had taken the services of proficient and dedicated faculty and staff.The year 2003 was a very exciting year;the application for grades 4-6 was submitted together with the application to operate first- fourth year high school and was approved immediately. The number of students doubled during the second year of operation (2004), with the completed grade levels in elementary and secondary. The institution was becoming popular, thus, motivated other private schools to update and upgrade their facilities. During the same year, application for recognition status was also submitted. In the year 2005, the recognition status was granted for pre-school and secondarylevels. The number of enrollees increased during the succeeding years. A proof that God always favors those who seek first His kingdom!

The institution continues to achieve programs to implement, accepts and administers skillful and determined teachers, innovating facilities and continuing construction of the basic education building. In the year 2006, the recognition status of the elementary was granted; the same year when the school’sname was changed from International School of Christian Excellence, Inc. to International Christian School of Excellence, Inc. (ICSE). It was also the same year when the institution received grants for the students from Fund Assistance for Private Education (FAPE), a subsidy coming from the government.

In 2007, God guided the institution with the path connected with TESDA and granted the institution for not only one (1) but thirteen (13)programs. The institution offers courses which were granted with Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) and Training for Work Scholarship Program(TWSP) Scholarships. These are offered to students and out of school youths who are willing to be trained and eventually tested if deserving for a national certificate.The operation runs smoothly though the tasks are never easy.

In the year 2008, another path is widely open for the institution. It receives recognition for the application for College Courses. The name of the institution was again changed concurrent to its opening for college. International Christian School of Excellence, Inc. became International Colleges for Excellence, Inc. It was also the same year when the school experienced one of its greatest struggles. The faith of the couple was once again put into test,a living testimony that the most steadfast people are mostly given the biggest trials. And just like the eagle, the institution was able to conquer these through the unceasing faith and devotion to the ONE.

ICE continues its overwhelming passion and dedication in providing quality education among all the students. It constantly updates its facilities and equipment. The students continuously engage in some activities that challenge them to give their best and strengthen their potentials, bringing some medals and certificates as they compete in different competitions within and outside the division of Urdaneta City. Within a short span of time, ICE has established its name in the city.

As it continues to flourish, challenges and hardships are encountered along the way, but because of the unwavering passion and the desire to produce graduates who can take part in nation building, the quest for greater expression of faith did not halt.

ICE is one of the institutions which accept the challenges of the K to 12 curriculum, the offering of Senior High School. With its innovative and up-to-date ways of instructions partnered with complete facilities and equipment, the school is among the first schools that were granted a provisional permit to operate Senior High School.

With the vision and dedication that is deeply rooted in the Words of God, ICE continues to soar and achieve greater heights for God’s greater glory!