School Mission | Vision | Objective


We exist to equip our student with relevant knowledge, skills, Christian values and desirable habits to prepare future generation to become globally competitive and usefull members of society.


To be a leading Institution that produces students who are God-fearing noble, critical thinkers,creative and who can take part in nation building.

ICE, though a drop in a bucket, helps to give a child a better foundation on which to base his/her future learning and destiny. Through our core values, we hope to achieve the following objectives.


C – Character Building

To incalculate Christian values, virtues and good manners.

O – Originality 
To develop in a child a sense of discovery, ingenuity, innovativeness, creativity and resourcefulness.

R- Responsibility 
To cultivate in the child a sense of responsibility, diligince, and accountability.

E – Excellence 
To set high standards in order to attain the highest potentials of persons, communities, and institution.

V – Versatility 
To nurture the capacity of a child for versatility, flexibility, adaptability and multi-faceted talents and skills.

A – Artistic
To develop a child innate artistic inclination.

L – Love of God
To instill the fear of God and learn to obey His words

U – Unity
To instill the spirit of solidarity through respect of the enviroment, active participation in socio-political activities, accept difference in faith, culture and traditions, and of oneness, teamwork and cooperation.

E – Empowerment
To equip the child to become future leader of the next generation.

S – Social Consciousness
To put him/her back to communal concern or sense of accountable “connectedness”.