ICE Hymn

The lord our God Bless those whose hearts are pure

Who take the challenge with faith and courage

A couple who dreamed to glorify God

Through fervent prayers received great version

The land that was used to be a clutter

Preserved by God to fulfill a calling

To feed a young minds to become excellent

With higher goals and nobler purposes


Go ICEANS let us carry the torch

Burning and shining wherever we go

Let the knowledge and wisdom be our guide

To love, care and touch other people’s lives

Lord Give us spirit like an eagle

That is soaring and flying above all heights

Determined to use our full potentials

Investing our lives driven by your will

Oh Lord our God bless our alma mater

We your children have caught the vision here

Use us to be salt and light of this world

And help us to build a better nation

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

We love you I-C-E we’ll always treasure you

In our heart forever and ever (2x)

Go ICEans let us carry the torch…..