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3RD CULMINATING 2015 – 2016

 Culminating activities are designed to hone and unleash every student’s capabilities. It is where one can learn the essence of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and unity.
Four culminating activities are held annually where three groups composed of pre-school, elementary and highschool students compete. The third one is called “Paskuhan” because it is usually held before the Christmas vacation starts.

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CLUB FAIR DAY (2015-2016)

Given by its Schools Mission; “We exist to equip our learners with relevant knowledge, skills, Christian values and desirable habits to prepare future generations to become globally competitive and useful members of society”;school organizations were initiated in the school. Clubs help students develop their talent and shape characters. Clubs are a student-based group or organizations. Each club is design for a specific purpose. It depends on the interest or talent of the students.

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The BOFP circulated all over Urdaneta City to spread awareness about fire and earthquake drill, and also about dangerous drugs; which is timely relevant nowadays. And luckily, ICE is one of the schools that BOFP visited last (insert date)

The BOFP officers trained the students of ICE on how to use a fire extinguisher, what’s in it, and on how we can prevent fire. On the side of earthquake drill, they trained the students on how to do the proper position before, during, and after the earthquake. After that, the students tried to do the fire and earthquake drill, and they didn’t fail the officers, they finished the drill with less than 3 minutes.

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Career started with a dream. Each student has a dream of their chosen career. This dream is one of the motivations a child needs to continue on studying and striving to do well in school. This dream is considered as the fire burning inside an individual. Career Path Event is a way to help the student to know and think about their chosen career.

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Students are so ecstatic and excited to see their grades. A lot of questions usually pop out of their minds like, How did I do well in the last quarter? ‘How many points did I leap from first to second grading and from second grading to the third? Do I still belong to the 3rd quarter top 20? Will I be in the top 10 and eventually receive a certificate from the administration? These are just some of the questions of students during card day who did their best.

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When the calendar strikes the BER months, which is from September to December, we, Filipinos usually hear Christmas songs and carols which indicate the beginning of Christmas. Probably this is so because starting September, the weather starts to become colder already, signaling the coming of Christmas.

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