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CLUB FAIR DAY (2015-2016)

Given by its Schools Mission; “We exist to equip our learners with relevant knowledge, skills, Christian values and desirable habits to prepare future generations to become globally competitive and useful members of society”;school organizations were initiated in the school. Clubs help students develop their talent and shape characters. Clubs are a student-based group or organizations. Each club is design for a specific purpose. It depends on the interest or talent of the students.

As a student, academics are top priority. With all the stress that comes along with studying, the school thought of a way for the students to be able to unwind yet is still related to academics. Thus, the club fair day was held last July 1, 2016. Seems fun and interesting!

Joining the clubs was only exclusive to Senior High School and College Students. There were clubs to choose from: the music club, dancing club, sports club, the school ministry, school paper, SGO and Sinagtala. The music club, named PistisElpis Agape, is one of the most active clubs and is perfect for those who are gifted with pleasant singing voices and have a passion in playing musical instruments. The dancing club, fit for those who doesn’t have two left foot. The sports club, wherein sporty people and even the wanna-be-sporty could join. The school ministry club is for those who desire to help the community. The school paper club is where students with the passion for writing are more than welcome to join. The Student Government Organization, fit for student leaders and aspiring leaders of the community. And lastly, the Sinagtala is where top students with outstanding academic performance are accepted.

The students were able to let their enthusiasm towards their favorite hobbies show. This event was able to form bonds between students and memories that will surely last forever.

Club is considered as another way to express and bring out the talent of the students. It is a way to be with and be friend with the other members. It is a way of the student can lead and fulfill their responsibility on their chosen club.

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