When the calendar strikes the BER months, which is from September to December, we, Filipinos usually hear Christmas songs and carols which indicate the beginning of Christmas. Probably this is so because starting September, the weather starts to become colder already, signaling the coming of Christmas.

As a result, little by little, people start decorating their houses and surroundings with lanterns, Christmas lights and the like. People start to be merry and have positive outlooks in life. Catholics and Christians start to be positive, eager, optimistic and enthusiastic, as if waiting for a very special loved one. These are just some of the positive effects of Christmas in people’s lives. Though some religious sects don’t agree with these because they believe otherwise, Christmas is still the best event of all.

Majority of Filipinos agree that this season is the happiest time of the year especially for children and young adults, ICE learners included as seen in their activities like the Christmas party, dressing colorfully and sharing of foods and LOVE to everyone.

Students and teachers alike prepare for their presentation during the Christmas party to make the ICE community as lively as ever; the admin likewise always have a bountiful harvest for faculty and staff. Everyone wishes that each day is Christmas so that people around would be happy and gay!

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