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Career started with a dream. Each student has a dream of their chosen career. This dream is one of the motivations a child needs to continue on studying and striving to do well in school. This dream is considered as the fire burning inside an individual. Career Path Event is a way to help the student to know and think about their chosen career.

Career path Experience is the second culminating activity of ICE. Each student will choose the category of their chosen career. The first day is the planning and the orientation with the teacher. They need to plan what output they will make related to their chosen field. The second day is a seminar with the people who are working in that field. This can inspire one or more students who are still contemplating about their career. This is a guide if they really want the career or does the career suit them.

Another event where the student learns outside the four corners of the lecture room. It is a way for the student to show their talents and skills.

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