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Students are so ecstatic and excited to see their grades. A lot of questions usually pop out of their minds like, How did I do well in the last quarter? ‘How many points did I leap from first to second grading and from second grading to the third? Do I still belong to the 3rd quarter top 20? Will I be in the top 10 and eventually receive a certificate from the administration? These are just some of the questions of students during card day who did their best.

To some who did not exert the much needed effort, they usually ask the questions like, Did I pass this quarter? How many points did my grade decrease from the second grading to the third? Do I still have the chance to catch up so that I can be in the honors list during the Recognition Day?

Finally, to the rest of students especially those who were not able to submit their requirements and did not prepare well for the exam, they also have questions which are somewhat clinging to the negative side like, “Will Ma’am or Sir still give me the chance to comply with my requirements? How many points will my teacher deduct from my score and eventually to my grade in the report card? Will my parents still let me study in ICE for my poor performance or will they let me enroll in a cramped public school?

One thing is for sure, which is ‘You will reap what you sow’. So beginning today, plant the best seeds that you have right now, so that you will reap the best fruits in the future!

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