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The BOFP circulated all over Urdaneta City to spread awareness about fire and earthquake drill, and also about dangerous drugs; which is timely relevant nowadays. And luckily, ICE is one of the schools that BOFP visited last (insert date)

The BOFP officers trained the students of ICE on how to use a fire extinguisher, what’s in it, and on how we can prevent fire. On the side of earthquake drill, they trained the students on how to do the proper position before, during, and after the earthquake. After that, the students tried to do the fire and earthquake drill, and they didn’t fail the officers, they finished the drill with less than 3 minutes.

Lastly, the officers of BOFP gave a lecture about dangerous drugs. On how is it going to affect them if they ever use it, on what are the causes why people are using drugs.

It is very important that we, people, should be aware of what is happening around us, especially nowadays that we cannot predict things easily. We should not disregard this awareness for it is going to help us someday when we are in trouble.

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