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3RD CULMINATING 2015 – 2016

 Culminating activities are designed to hone and unleash every student’s capabilities. It is where one can learn the essence of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and unity.
Four culminating activities are held annually where three groups composed of pre-school, elementary and highschool students compete. The third one is called “Paskuhan” because it is usually held before the Christmas vacation starts.

It consists of a cooking fest, a parol making contest, and various performances each group. Each group is assigned to present Philippine Archipelago, the Luzon peninsula, the Visayas peninsula, and the Mindanao peninsula.
In the cooking fest, the groups must be able to make their place’s delicacies and add their own unique twist to it. The final output is judged by its presentation and taste.

For the parol making contest, each group must be able to show their creativity. There are no restrictions for the materials to be used as long as the group is sure that their parol shines the brightest.
The highlight of the third culminating activity is the various performances from the pre-school to the high school level. It consists of a jingle, sabayangpagbigkas, dula-dulaan and tulasayawit.
The real essence of culminating activities is not winning but learning.

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